Nakd Bar 4 Pack Salted Caramel
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Nakd Bar 4 Pack Salted Caramel

Energy 1487kJ / 353kcal Fat 13.2g of which saturates 2.2g Carbohydrate 53.1g of which sugars 50.5g Fibre 5g Protein 8.7g Salt 0.8g
"Canadian maple syrup: Energy 1916kJ / 457kcal Fat 17.1 g of which saturated 2.7g Carbohydrates 64.6g of which sugars 28g Fiber 6.2g Protein 7.9g Salt 0.74 g Oats and dark chocolate: Energy 1958KJ / 467Kcal Fat 20.0g of which saturated 4.3g Carbohydrates 59.9g of which sugars 26.5g Fiber 6.5g Protein 8.7g Salt 0.7g Oats and honey: Energy 1916 kJ / 456...
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